Jawaban Soal Example Test Mikrotik Academy Terbaru | SET 3

Jawaban Soal Example Test Mikrotik Academy Terbaru

Selamat siang semuanya para pencari sertivikat yang tersakiti yah, karena mungkin ente kagx lulus-lulus karena bingung jawabnya :v, tetap semangat lah, karena untuk meraih MTCNA admin Maniak WiFi harus ujian sebanyak 7 Kali, dan yang ke 7lah yang lulus dengan nilai yang menurut saya memuaskan, [ 77 % ], sungguh progres yang sangat mengejutkan. :D

Jawaban Soal Example Test Mikrotik Academy Terbaru
Jawaban Soal Example Test Mikrotik Academy Terbaru


Ini adalah settingan soal test ke tiga :

1. If you need to make sure that one computer in your HotSpot network can access the Internet without HotSpot authentication, which menu allows you to do this?
a. Users
b. IP bindings
c. Walled-garden
d. Walled-garden IP

2. How many different priorities can be selected for queues in MikroTik RouterOS?
a. 8
b. 16
c. 0
d. 1

3. Which default route will be active? /ip route add disabled=no distance=10 dst-address= gateway= add disabled=no distance=5 dst-address= gateway=
a. Route via gateway
b. Route via gateway

4. How long is level 1 (demo) license valid?
a. 24 hours
b. Infinite time
c. 1 month
d. 1 year

5. Is ARP used in the IPv6 protocol ?

6. In MikroTik RouterOS, Layer-3 communication between 2 hosts can be achieved by using an address subnet of:
a. /30
b. /29
c. /32
d. /31

7. A PC with IP can access internet, and static ARP has been set for that IP address on gateway. When the PC Ethernet card failed, the user change it with a new card and set the same IP for it. What else should be done? [multiple answers]

a. Old static ARP entry on gateway has to be updated for the new card
b. Nothing – it will work as before
c. MAC-address of the new card has to be changed to MAC address of old card
d. Another IP has to be added for Internet access

8. How many usable IP addresses are there in a 20-bit subnet?
a. 2047
b. 4096
c. 2048
d. 2046
e. 4094

9. What is the default TTL (time to live) on a router that an IP packet can experience before it will be discarded ?
a. 60
b. 30
c. 1
d. 64

10. The network address is
a. The first usable address of the subnet
b. The last address of the subnet
c. The first address of the subnet

11. Which ones of the following are valid IP addresses? [multiple answers] 


12. Which of the following is NOT a valid MAC Address?
a. 95:B5:DD:EE:78:8A
b. 13:16:86:53:89:43
c. 80:GF:AA:67:13:5D
d. 88:0C:00:99:5F:EF

13. If ARP=reply-only is configured on an interface, what will this interface do
a. Add new IP addresses in /ip arp list
b. Accept all IP/MAC combinations listed in /ip arp as static entries
c. Accept all MAC-addresses listed in /ip arp as static entries
d. Add new MAC addresses in /ip arp list
e. Accept all IP addresses listed in /ip arp as static entries

14. What is term for the hardware coded address found on an interface?
a. IP Address
b. Interface Address
c. MAC Address
d. FQDN Address

15. Which of the following IP addresses are publicly routable?

16. What protocol does ping use?
a. UDP
b. TCP
c. ARP

17. MAC layer by OSI model is also known as
a. Layer 3
b. Layer 7
c. Layer 2
d. Layer 6
e. Layer 1

18. How many layers does Open Systems Interconnection model have?
a. 12
b. 6
c. 9
d. 5
e. 7

19. How many IP addresses can one find in the header of an IP packet?
a. 3
b. 4
c. 1
d. 2

20. The basic unit of a physical network (OSI Layer 1) is the:
a. Byte
b. Frame
c. Bit
d. Header


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